2017 Recap

What a year this has been. NNRPA is now hosting three matches a month. IDPA, Silhouette, & USPSA. All the pistol bays have shade now, and we are launching this new format to augment the website. Stay tuned for exciting things happening in the future. Memberships are coming due at the end of they year and if you are new to NNRPA and join during the last three months of the year we will flow that into the New Year. So don’t wait, JOIN today.


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Opportunities and TRANSITIONS

Northeastern NV Rifle & Pistol Assoc. Elko NV

We have shooting opportunity’s every weekend of the month

EVENTS – All events take place at the Elko County Shooting range unless otherwise noted

NRL22   Rifle                               1st Saturday             nrl22.org         

Steel Challenge  Pistol/PCC             1st Sunday             scsa.org           

IDPA   Pistol                                2nd Saturday    idpa.org 

Club Meetings                        2nd Wednesdays at 263 Spring Valley Pkwy Unit D                         

Silhouette   Rifle                        3rd Saturday   

USPSA   Pistol /PCC 4th Saturday uspsa.org

Check out our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/NNRPA

NNRPA is going through a transition to provide more communication, active improvements to the shooting facility and continued shooting events, but we need your help.

We need members who can help us stay connected by updating website and social media apps like Facebook.

Please join us and come to a local meeting 263 Spring Valley Pkwy Unit D 2nd Wednesday of the month. Share with us your ideas and abilities to help move our organization and goals forward.

Contact Dennis Marsh denmarsh@aol.com or Danielle Kohler at Arms-R-Us 775-753-8825

Left The Range – John Culver

Unfortunately we have lost a long time member, John Culver. He served NNRPA in a number of capacities as President, Vice President, and always there to lend a hand for the club and anyone he met. Always the best camp cook with his wife Henri and friend Sonny, we all remember the chili beans, and garlic bread at the Ruby Mtn 3-Gun match. Some found him gruff on the outside, but for those of us who took the time to know him, we knew the big caring man he really was. We will miss you John.

Things are a changing at the Range

We renewed our agreement with the county this year for our use and development of the Elko Co Shooting Facility. The county will be stepping up their participation and contribution to the upkeep and maintenance as well. We appreciate everyone being proactive in cleaning up after yourselves and asking others to do so as well. If you find that the dumpsters are full please call the county or Elko Sanitation and inform them of the situation so they can get emptied. We have moved the trash cans away from the safety areas so there is now more room at the table.

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